Busy times!!!

Hey all…quite a bit going on and of course my wordpress blog is always the last to find out about it! Not a good thing to be sure. I’m happy to say B-Sides is back live…the 1st show went FANTASTIC…great participation in the chat room and not bad on the viewer side either. Sports-talk show is still on the back-burner for now…one show at a time. Further updates on it will be posted as they become available.


Some condo shots

Here are some shots from the condo down in Florida…if I make a visit there the rest of my life I will be shocked considering I don’t fly and my health. BUT…it will be a very cool place for the kids to visit at and to show them that yes…there is a whole world out there! Until next time…be safe!


So far…so good!

gasstationSo far so good with the B-Sides show coming back on time…if you would like to join my network for the show you can do it by going here http://www.bsides.ning.com Whe you sign up you will get your own personal page to do with whatever you like. As far as what features you’ll have go here… http://about.ning.com/product.php Talk to you all soon!!!

My Space…Facebook…not for me…BUT…

It seems like everyone has one anymore…a MySpace or Facebook page. I never wanted one…I always equated those sites to teeny-boppers and the such. To me it seemed like a headache that I didn’t want or need. Then the other day I hear about this huge number of sexual predators removed from MySpace. I don’t allow my sons to go anywhere near MySpace or Facebook. I have my blog here and a website for The Shift through Go Daddy. Plus a site at Blogger that holds all my audio archives. But I never really had a site per-se for B-Sides, which is a music/talk show. B-Sides always kind of tagged along with The Shift like a little brother you didn’t want around but he followed you everywhere you went. Aside from the music and talk part of it I also want to add some tech talk to the show at times. So it seems that little brother is finally growing up and he needs his own space. But where? Well, a friend of mine from San Diego helped me with that.

The site is a social network site…but nowhere near I would assume as crazy as MySpace and Facebook. And it is very user-friendly and has great admin controls so it doesn’t get out of hand. So that being said here is The Shift-B-Sides social networking page if you will. http://www.bsides.ning.com If you would like to join my network it only takes a few minutes to sign up…plus you will need to anyway once the show comes back on. Only members will have the chance to win the stuff I’ll be giving away…and you know my affinity for giving prizes out to listeners. Even though I am still working on the site you can still use it unlike goshift.net which is still not up due to procrastination on my part. That and my health to be sure. So if you want to join just click on the link and letter rip. When you join you will have your own personal page, blog, and the such. That’s about it I think. Have a great day! To Lee from Moohead Radio…my prayers are with you. Get well very soon.

Our prayers are with you Lee

One of my former colleagues from TPSRadio, Lee from Moohead Radio, recently had brain surgery. He is now in intensive care and from everything I hear he cannot breathe on his own and he has pneumonia. I lit a candle for him at my place of worship today. This is a very sad time. He and his family will be in my prayers.

February is coming…so is the show. (I think)

     So far, so good…I plan on bringing The Shift back in February. But I’m sorry to say that it will be in podcast format to start with. I have to knock the rust off. It will be available at www.scrantonpasportsshift.blogspot.com  I will announce the date very shortly. I have some components to hook up and tear myself away from the fun of watching my wife and 2 sons playing Rockband 2 on the PS3 my son got for Christmas!  Be back to you all soon.


Happy New Year!!!

     Happy New Year everyone! A day late but it was our son Christian’s birthday on New Years Day so things were busy. Not that I am the most prolific poster at my blog here anymore. I was looking at my blog stats tonight and I noticed there was a big spike on January 1st. Interesting indeed. I’m very glad to see 2008 go away…it was a bad year for me in so many ways. Hopefully 2009 will be a much better one. I’ll talk to you all soon. It’s been a very long day.